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The Global Oil Company is a growing business, constantly expanding on the international market and registered as a member of the United Nation Vendor UNGM (# 421245)
- British Business Issued in 2019.
2018 - KEBHANA Bank, a bank of GLOBAL OIL COMPAY, was registered as a designated bank by NNPC.
2016 - We are also providing LNG from Qatar and Algeria as well as various Crude Oil products, which are expected to be a great success from year 2016 and beyond.
- Hong Kong Business Issued
- U.S. Business Issued.
2015 - We had joint venture with Chinese entrepreneurs, Shenzhen Hengang Industry Co.Ltd(site : The ratio of investment is 50% of Global Oil Company Co.Ltd and 50% of Shenzhen Hengang Industry Co,.Ltd. And The joint Venture company name is YTY Investment Co.,Ltd in December.
- 1) D2(GasoilL-0.2-62 GOST 305-82)1.2million ton
- 2) metal : 360.000ton
2014 - With a growing demand from the oil industry, it became necessary to expand our business, and its name was changed in 2014 to the Global Oil Company Ltd. It is receiving awareness from buyers of Russian refinery products such as D2, Jp54, and M100. D2 (Gasoil L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82) : 0.85 million ton
2009 - It acquired the HAEORUM refinery. Then it started providing fuel oil, through which it has become a supplier of great demand from buyers on the oil market.
2002 - It began as the SEGERO F.O. Energy Co.

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